Technology Influencers and Power Players

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Steve Kesler

IM Security Leader

GE Aviation






I lead what is called cybersecurity engineering and I am responsible for three core areas. The first is cloud technologies. The second is cyber engineering around our brilliant manufacturing; plants and shop floors and all the machines associated with it. The third is Predix.

That is a platform that GE is building. It is based on the concept of the industrial internet. Think of it as an ecosystem of services that link machines, people and software. For example, a jet engine will be sensored and while it is running in the air it is sending continual pieces of data. We then take that data and do predictive analytics across it. From that we can see things like fuel efficiency, premature part wear, maintenance and all kinds of things.

One of the goals of GE is to become a software company. The refrigerators and ovens and all of those other smart appliances all run on software. Predix can be the conduit and the ecosystem to leverage all of that.


Tim Metzner

Founder and Partner







Differential is a digital innovation and development agency. We help companies, typically large and established organizations, take startup-like approaches to solving problems, creating new digital products and taking new ground. That comes in the form of innovation consulting on the front end, helping identify and execute opportunities. That looks like bringing web and mobile products, along with all kinds of different technology, to life.

Differential can and must stay ahead of technology. It is our core competency. Every company is becoming a technology company to some extent, but it is not every company’s core competency. We talk about wanting technology to be invisible. We don’t want you to think about technology. We want you to have a great experience. We are trying to shrink the exposure of technology while enhancing the experience.

I also co-founded OCEAN Accelerator, one of the world’s only faith-based startup accelerators


Sandy Piscitello

VP of Operations







I worked for the largest competitor in this industry for five years. Most of the competitors are owned by the large pharmaceutical distribution companies.

There is a big difference between distribution and services. I want to differentiate my services from my competitor. I want to do something unique for my doctors and my patients. We can support any drug in the marketplace. The way we have developed our technology is different than our competitors. The agriculture of how we are using the technology is what is unique to what we do. It is a very flexible model. We look to provide valuated services to patients and/or their physicians for access issues, affordability issues or adherence issues.

Technology has allowed us to differentiate and integrate for the patient and the doctor. The office staff is where the people come into the picture. We provide very personalized service. Seeing the response from the client-based approach shows us we’re on the right track. To see the positive response has been exhilarating.