Acquisition Strengthens Tech Firm's Position as Key Player in Security SPace

Photo by Jon Keeling

As the cyber-attack landscape evolves, so expands the cybersecurity capabilities available through RoundTower Technologies, LLC, following its recent acquisition of Mainstream Security, LLC, a Cincinnati-based firm that specializes in advanced anomaly and cyber-threat detection.

The acquisition gives RoundTower the opportunity to add several sophisticated security assessment services, heightening the company’s standing as a key player in today’s security space. Additional services include penetration testing, web application testing, social engineering, consulting and advanced services for digital forensics, incident response, IT security training (first-responder courses) and 24/7 security monitoring.

RoundTower and Mainstream have been strategic partners for several years, establishing solid working relationships with several common clients across the United States.

“RoundTower has had a security practice dating back several years,” says Lou Carli, RoundTower’s director of client services and co-founder of Mainstream. “They’ve got a lot of expertise in the IT security space, very strong engineering expertise and very strong technology capabilities. With the Mainstream Security acquisition, which occurred in June, RoundTower has increased their capability to deliver state-of-the-art security services, and I believe RoundTower will be one of the leaders in the region in IT security, strategy and consulting. It’s a perfect match. We’re excited about it.”

According to Carli, security is an increasingly important initiative for companies because of how frequent, well-organized and complicated the cyberattacks have become, thus driving the need for managed, team-approach security processes.

Rob Andrews, RoundTower CISO and SOC manager who was Mainstream’s co-founder, notes that a lot of organizations think they don’t have the money to invest in a security team. Instead they believe they are streamlining expenses by hiring one professional to handle security issues. But a managed security team – for the same price as one person – offers more tools, experience and knowledge in quickly identifying and rectifying security breaches.

“Security is critical and has to work itself throughout an organization. It reaches out and touches everything, from a data standpoint,” says Andrews, a nationally recognized leader in the digital forensics and security assessment industry. He also serves as the lead network forensics instructor at the Network Computer Forensics Institute, and regularly trains law enforcement and U.S. Secret Service agents on the latest network forensics trends.

“You can’t stop everything. But by having a managed security service, you can more rapidly realize and remedy an event happening in your network.”

RoundTower offers several security disciplines, but one that clients gravitate to most is the Cyber Security Maturity Workshop. “We use that framework to measure what an organization’s security looks like from a maturity perspective, and then we put together a roadmap showing them where they need to go,” Carli says.

Also in demand are penetration testing and 24x7 security monitoring.

Carli and Andrews agree that cyberattacks are increasing at a rapid pace and sophisticated intrusions are rising in complexity every day, making it imperative for organizations to improve their detection and response capability. Via the Mainstream acquisition, RoundTower now provides a wider range of these security services through a world-class security operations center (SOC) and an already established network operations center (NOC) of more than 75 technical experts.


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